Iron Chef Oregon is the premier culinary competition featuring some of Oregon’s finest chefs. Each chef will have an identical kitchen, tools and pantry. Each chef will have thirty minutes to plan, prepare and plate a delectable entrée for the 3-judge panel of experts. Each chef will have no idea what the “secret ingredients” are until they are unveiled at the beginning of the competition for all to see. The secret ingredients must be used in preparing the dish. The chefs will race the clock and each other to create a masterpiece on stage in front of the audience, commentators and judges. Our emcee for the competition will interview the chefs, judges and commentators while the food flies with the action on stage. Oregon grown and raised specialties will be featured in identical pantries the chefs will have available for their use during the competition. At the end of the thirty minute competition, the chefs will present their creations to each judge.



2013 & 2012 Iron Chef Oregon Winner:

Jeff Strom

Chef and Co-Owner,  Koho Bistro

Jeff Strom is the chef and Co-owner of Koho Bistro in Eugene, Oregon. Hailing from Spokane, Washington his passion for food started at a young age. Often Jeff was found helping his dad, who was a baker, in the kitchen. Realizing his love of food, his first job was a dishwasher and 20 years later you will still find him in the  kitchen. Jeff left Spokane  at the spur of the moment with his best friend and moved to Eugene. The next day he met his future wife, Angela who was waitress at her parents restaurant.

Working his way into many fine restaurants in Eugene, he decided the time was right to finally pursue his culinary degree. Jeff graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in Portland with a 4.0 which landed him an externship at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles. Within a few days he was hired onto the Chef's Brigade. Realizing that Los Angeles was not his cup of tea he headed back to Eugene and was hired as the Executive Chef at Agate Alley Bistro and Agate Alley Laboratory. During this time, Jeff and Angela got married and had their son, Koa. After the birth of his son, it kick started his dream to open his own restaurant and in December 2011, Koho Bistro was open.  Jeff is pioneering a new style of cuisine, Local Northwest Nouveau, combining fresh local food using old world ingredients with new world techniques.  In 8 months time Jeff won the title of Iron Chef Oregon, and defended his title again in 2013!



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